Friday, February 14, 2014

Orang Makan Orang

Roasted human head on menu

ANAMBRA (Feb 13, 2014): Police arrested 11 people and closed a restaurant after two human heads wrapped in cellophane were discovered at a hotel restaurant that had been serving human flesh.
A tip-off led police to the macabre discovery here, with 11 people being arrested and AK-47 guns and other weapons being seized.
Human flesh was apparently being sold as an expensive treat at the restaurant, with authorities saying that roasted human head was even on the menu.
"I went to the hotel early this year, after eating, I was told that a lump of meat was being sold at N700 (about RM14), I was surprised," said a pastor who had visited the eatery.
"So I did not know it was human meat that I ate at such an expensive price.
"What is this country turning into? Can you imagine people selling human flesh as meat?," he added. "Seriously I'm beginning to fear people in this part of the world. "
Another local added to the Osun Defender newspaper: "I always noticed funny movements in and out of the hotel; dirty people with dirty characters always come into the hotel.
"So, I was not surprised when the police made this discovery in the early hours of today."
The tabloid reported that two army caps, 40 rounds of live ammunition and "so many cell phones" were also found. – The Independent

itu berita yg  aku baca tadi kat The Sun..aku ingatkan kisah orang makan orang ni tak ada lagi..kot dulu2 jea ada yg makan orang tapi zaman moden pun ada lg yg buat mcm tu..dah tak cukup makanan ke?atau daging manusia ni lebih sedap ke berbanding dari ayam,ikan,lembu,kambing atau pun khinzir??pelik aku  manusia akhir zaman ni lah.kalau yea pun kelaparan carilah makanan yg lain......korang boleh baca kat sini utk keterangan lanjut

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